Charting It Out

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, they (whoever they are) also say there is strength in numbers. We decided to combine the two, and show just how easy it is to send a girl to school and why this is so important.

Here at More than Me, we believe that anyone can help change the world. Whatever skill you have, it can be put to use. In fact, we pride outselves on being a rag-tag team of volunteers: some of us are writers, some are lawyers, some are bankers, some are artists. Thanks to the brilliant work of Lizzie Erickson, who volunteered her graphic design skills, we have two amazing infographics.

We couldn’t stop with just one!

About More Than Me

We opened the More Than Me Academy in September 2013. A year later, Ebola hit. Now, we're expanding our work to rebuild the education system in Liberia. What happened during Ebola was UNACCEPTABLE, and we are fighting alongside the Liberian community to make sure it never happens again.
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