From the Schoolyard: Updates on the Children

More than Me receives regular updates from the principals of the schools our scholarship recipients attend. Reading through the reports, you get a glimpse of how amazing, resilient, and bright the children are. While the reports have your standard school details, such as grades, attendance, participation, they also highlight the struggles and challenges a child from West Point faces, even after she has cleared the first hurdle and made it to class.

In the United States, children gain an early familiarity with how school works; plenty of television shows are based around the schoolyard and waking up everyday to catch the bus or walk to school is a fact of life from age five or six.

Things are different if your parents never went to school. If your grandparents never got an education. If no one in your family can read or write. If you are accustomed to waking up each day to sell goods in the market. Then, one day, the place you have talked about and heard about -school!- is real. Now, instead of the marketplace or friend’s house, you go to class in the morning.

Below are some of the brief updates More than Me has received about our scholarship recipients. We’ll post more of these over the next week, but this sampling gives a general picture of how the children are doing. Thanks to your hard work, donations, and support, one blog post isn’t enough for all of the updates.

Some of the children are clearly bright and working hard, but their performance has not reflected their enthusiasm. For others, family life, health, work, and a host of other issues have made school difficult to handle. In the next student-report post, we will write about accountability, how you can get involved to help, and what our Liberian staff do to support the kids.

As with other updates, I have left the reports mostly unedited.

Jatu, she come to school every day and regular in class she has a very good behavior, and well behave in her class, she love coming to school with her friends, but her academic performance is fair. She need to improve more in her study. (class K-1 )

Henrietta, she come to school every day and regular in class, her behavior is excellent, and also her academic performance is excellent. Prospective graduate from the kindergarten. ( class K-2 ).

Jessica, she regular in school and always on time, she love school and willing to come every day, but her academic performance is poor. ( class G-2 ).

Regina, she is regular in school and prompt on time she has a very very good behavior, and her academic performance is excellent. She also serve as the class president. ( class G-5 ).

Princess, she is very ,very sick, and has not been in school for the pass two weeks she is admitted at the hospital where she is taken treatment, her behavior and academic performance is excellent. ( class A,B,C ).

Grace, she come to school every day and regular in class, and on time. She some time misbehave on the school campus. Her behavior is very uncoming on the school campus but her academic performance is excellent. (class G-3 ).

Satta, she come to school every day and regular in class and always on time. She has a very good behavior, and like coming to school all days, but her academic performance is fair. She need improvement in her lesson. ( class G-1 ).

May, she not constant in school, and always on time in class. One bad habit she has when it come to test time, thats the time she get sick. On the 10th of April 2011 her grand mother house where she keep her things was set on fire, and all her thing got burn, and her grand mother house burn down. (class G-5).

Anthonet, she come to every day and regular in class, and on time. She has a very good behavior and well presented in class, she also lead the school in prayer doing devotion. her academic performance is a very excellent one. (class G-4 ).

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We opened the More Than Me Academy in September 2013. A year later, Ebola hit. Now, we're expanding our work to rebuild the education system in Liberia. What happened during Ebola was UNACCEPTABLE, and we are fighting alongside the Liberian community to make sure it never happens again.
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