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As a volunteer-run nonprofit, More than Me is only as effective as the people who get involved. Thanks to word of mouth, our reputation as an active, well-organized group, and a bit of leg-work, More than Me has created a great network of on the ground staff who help find, support, and mentor scholarship recipients in Liberia. Today we highlight the work of Macintosh Johnson.

Macintosh Johnson

West Point, Monrovia is home to Macintosh. He was born and raised here. He knows the challenges of this area because they are his own challenges. The average life expectancy in Liberia is 45, but this means very little when you are an orphan, like Macintosh, whose parents died well before their 40s.

Macintosh volunteered in West Point for six years with another nonprofit until they left the area. He met More than Me’s Katie Meyler and immediately wanted to get involved. The children he works with are not just participants in a project. They are his neighbors and his friends’ children. Macintosh has a vision to see West Point move forward and he believes the only way this can happen is if the children of West Point, unlike many of their parents, receive an education.

He knows that just going to school is not enough. Macintosh and his volunteer staff meet with the More than Me’s scholarship recipients twice a week to play games and teach them life skills. Macintosh wants to make sure that the children he works with will be able to take advantage of new opportunities and be prepared for adulthood, but that they also enjoy the frivolities that he was denied as a child growing up during the war years.

Macintosh has two children: Agnex, age five, and Timothy, who is three years old. When you talk to him about his work with More than Me, he wants to make sure people know he doesn’t choose favorites. He recognizes that nepotism is not going to help the community he loves, the community he wants to improve. He wants to make sure that children who are bright, children with the desire to go to school, and children who want to learn get a chance to achieve their dreams.

More than Me is able to help children in West Point thanks to people like Macintosh Johnson.

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