Volunteer Profile: We Can All Make a Difference

On a warm day last fall More than Me team members were sprinting around Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle in search of creative ideas for footage to use for Microsoft’s Windows 7 Ways to Change the World video competition. With one video camera, a small group of More than Me team members, scraps of paper to write a script, and the fantastic videographer Ernest Ford the team set out to make a short film. Microsoft was offering a $7,000 prize, it was the biggest project More than Me had encountered at that point, and no one really knew what to expect. Everyone was ready to use their dedication and energy to make something special.

The More than Me team was thrilled when Circle busker Bill Chase saw the team filming and asked about the More than Me mission. Chase quickly volunteered to perform an impromptu song to be used as background music for the video. The song was later performed live at our winter fundraiser and was used as the background track to the Microsoft video. Bill later titled the song “More than Me” and it captures the contagious energy of a group of strangers working together to help others.

Bill was recently featured on the website People’s District where he talks about his life, personal struggles, and the way his career in music has helped lift him up through dark periods. Bill told People’s District, “I’ll be 60 in November, but I feel like I am getting younger as time moves forward. The music keeps me young.” This optimism shines through the song “More than Me” and everything Bill does.

To meet Bill is to feel genuinely welcome and More than Me is proud to count him as one of our supporters. Our volunteers come from all over the world, from different backgrounds, and with varied voices. As a volunteer-run nonprofit our diversity helps make us strong. More than Me continues to grow and would love for you to grow with us. Volunteer, tell your friends, or donate but, most importantly, continue to live for something greater than yourself everyday. Everyone can help. Contribute your time, your talents, your energy, your ideas. Bill continues to be an inspiration to More than Me and proves that we can all make a difference.

About More Than Me

We opened the More Than Me Academy in September 2013. A year later, Ebola hit. Now, we're expanding our work to rebuild the education system in Liberia. What happened during Ebola was UNACCEPTABLE, and we are fighting alongside the Liberian community to make sure it never happens again.
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    That insight’s preefct for what I need. Thanks!

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    Hwantto say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

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