Knowing what is needed and how it is done is essential to experiencing the beauty of glass engraving. 

You don’t need to be an expert to use this glass etching cream, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced craftsperson. It is important, however, to check the specifications of the product before you buy it.

A few of our favorites

Etchall Etching Creme is the best overall It is reusable The product is suitable for children over 12 years of age Complies with ASTM D-4238
Glass Etching Cream 15-0200 – Armour Etch This product comes with two Moshify brushes to make application easier It is reusable An etching that can be placed in the dishwasher

DIYers who prefer industrial-type DIYs should buy Etching Cream   This product has a matte finish Adhesion is improved Working hours that are too short


ReusableApproved for children over 12 years oldAccording to ASTM D-4238Glass, marble, mirrors, and slate can all be polished with this productAbility to work on both large and small areasFirst-time users may be put off by the dark colorSets slowly


Customer Reviews

Etchall Etching Cream gives you a more consistent etching results than other brands because most users don’t experience crystallization when using it, unless you mix it well. Nevertheless, it’s less runny than other etching creams. 

It’s Great, Here’s Why

Safety is one of the reasons we love Etchall Etching Cream. Aside from being safe for young crafters, this formulation is also ASTM D-4238 certified, meaning it’s suitable for home crafting.

If exposed to sunlight, it typically begins off-white to cream and then becomes darker. Although it discolors, it does not interfere with its effectiveness during etching. 

As well as being less smelly, it is also easier to clean. Etchall has a tolerable smell, though wearing protective equipment is still a good idea. Etching creams typically smell pungent, but Etchall smells pleasant. 

Is it a good purchase?

Young children will enjoy using Etchall Etching Cream, but adult supervision is recommended due to the acidic nature of the etching cream. 


Mirrors are best used for thisEasily reusableFinished permanentlyEtching opaqueWorks with bottles and glassRequires special attentionOnly for adults

Customer Reviews

This product has been described as ideal for etching glass candle holders, mirrors, bottles, etc. by users.

Our Reasons for Appreciating It

Plastic bottles packaged in three ounces are the perfect size for those new to glass etching

Our Reasons for Appreciating It

Pasty and white, the cream has a slightly gritty texture. Make sure you stir your etching cream thoroughly before applying it to your glass surface

Even though it may seem expensive at first, the etching cream is reusable, so take a foam brush or squeegee and scrape off the excess before returning it to the container. If you stir it well before using it the next time, it won’t affect the performance of the etching cream. 

To avoid contaminating your entire batch of etching cream, you can also use other containers if you’re uncomfortable returning the etched cream to its original container. 

Since Pyrex, plastics, and acrylic won’t work with this product, you should not attempt to use them. 


For beginners who are interested in glass etching, this etching cream is highly recommended. 


Moshify brushes are included so that application is simpleEasily reusableUseful and economicalAffirmativeUser-friendlyAwfulConsistency in textureOnly adults may craft

Customer Reviews

Manufacturers recommend leaving the etching cream on for no more than 1-3 minutes. However, many users find it leaves a better impression if it stays on for 10-15 minutes instead. When etching larger designs, some crafters suggest washing off the first application and then reapplying for a better result. 

Our Opinions on Why It’s Great

This kit includes brushes that are of high quality from Moshify, a company known for its high-quality art tools. A disposable plastic knife or jumbo popsicle stick is easier to use for applying the etching cream.  

Although some batches of the etching cream have an extra clumpy texture, the cream itself is of good quality. Mixing thoroughly can resolve any problem, but you’ll need patience to get the right consistency.

As it’s reusable, you can save a lot of money, especially if you’re working on small projects often. 

This product is for who should buy it

Crafters who are serious about glass etching can’t go wrong with Armour’s Etch and Moshify brush kit. Even newbies will have no trouble using it since it’s so simple. 


Easily reusableContinuum High-qualitySuitable for a variety of surfacesConsistency is finePrecautions need to be takenInjurious

Customer Reviews

The fine texture of this brand is appreciated by many crafters, since many of them have used other brands previously. While it has a lot of runny spots, it is not gritty. 

Why We Love It

For personalizing glassware, glass décor, windows, and mirrors, FolkArt Etching Cream is the best choice. You will not experience difficulties applying it, even after prolonged exposure to the sun. It does not discolor over time, even after prolonged exposure to the sunIt should be spread with an applicator rather than a paintbrush because of its somewhat runny nature.. 

Using an applicator instead of a paintbrush is the best way to spread this slightly runny material over the design. 

This product is for who should buy it

Those who are loyal to a brand of art products can use the FolkArt Etching Cream as an alternative. The etching cream should be useful if you’re using FolkArt products. 


Smooth finishPerforms work on a variety of industrial surfacesContinuumEconomicWorking hours that are too shortStreaks may be left behindI wouldn’t recommend it for beginners

Customer Reviews

This etching cream was used by one user to make a privacy screen for his bathroom, while another user repainted the inside of his toilet and bathtub after scrubbing them with this paste without sanding. I would recommend this product to those working on industrial projects. 

Why We Love It

Compared with other etching cream brands of smaller packaging, Etch-l-M Porcelain Etching Cream is very affordable, though we don’t recommend it to newbie crafters. 

The glass-cleaning machine can also be used on porcelain, ceramic, glazed tile, and porcelainized steel construction panels. This product brushes well and is best used to retouch these surfaces.

Tiles and glazed bathtubs can be repainted after they are removed from their glazed surfaces, improving their adhesion. Retouching and repainting are also made simpler because it eliminates scratches. 

This product is for who should buy it

A great product to try if you etch glass, porcelain, and other surfaces in addition to glass. 


Beginner’s kit for glass etchingSurface etched to give an opaque appearanceEasily reusableInstructions that are simple to followPrice-to-value ratio is goodExploration is possibleThe juice is too runny

Customer Reviews

Glass etching is popular with users, and many find the etching kit to be of great value, especially for beginners. It also works well for up to 8 projects and can be used with the etching cream. 

Our Opinions on Why It’s Great

The kit comes with a 2-oz jar of etching cream, vinyl stencils, transfer tape, a weeder and squeegee, ten exclusive glass etching designs, a DVD with instructions, and an idea or instruction booklet. 

This can also be used with Cricut or freehand designs if not recommended for Silhouette products.

It is also very reasonably priced. The supplies and tools you need can be purchased for less than $30, although the consumables (etching cream and stencil vinyl) are small. 


It is better to start with a Silhouette Glass Etching Kit kit if you are unsure of what to get for your glass etching projects. 


ContinuumUser-friendlySurfaces include a variety of materialsNewbies will love itUsefulEtching that is almost imperceptibleOverworkedPyrex and acrylic are not compatible

Customer Reviews

Customized glassware is one of the most popular gifts it users make to give as gifts to loved ones on special occasions. After applying the etching cream to their eyeglasses and washing them with cold water, some users say that it cleaned the plastic lenses. 

Our Opinions on Why It’s Great

If you want to use this etching cream to clean your eyeglasses, we do not recommend it, but feel free to use it at your own risk. This method is highly recommended for etching glassware, mirrors, and glazed ceramics with a subtle etched pattern, especially for glassware. 

It weighs less than 3 ounces, making it an ideal choice for beginners and occasional glass etchers. The etching cream is reusable, so you can use it over and over again if you carefully scrape off any excess etching cream after you use it. 


If you want to etch your glassware without leaving behind a gritty surface, then this product is for you. 


Medium-sizedSurfaces include a variety of materialsClean up is easyUnlike most brands, it’s less smellyInformation on all ingredientsDryes quicklyComplimentary brush of poor qualityCostly

Customer Reviews

Because of its ease of application and quality, some crafters claim to use it as their only etching cream. Moreover, having multiple projects open at the same time is less smelly, so it is very forgiving. 

Our Reasons for Appreciating It

Etching cream is applied using a short brush provided by Martha Stewart Crafts. Ensure maximum safety by brushing on the etching cream to ensure no direct exposure occurs.

Etching cream can be washed off with soap and warm water, but the etching is permanent and should not be washed in the dishwasher. 


The etching cream will also be beloved by crafters who use Martha Stewart’s products. 


Surfaces include a variety of materialsEasily reusable Even new users will find it easy to useEtching that lasts permanentlyMatte, opaque finishFoul odorsConsistency in textureFinishing unevenly

Customer Reviews

Those who want to make frosted glass or create customized etching on windows and mirrors use Armour Etch 15-0250 Glass Etching Cream. 

For your protection while working with it, be sure to use protective gloves, eyewear, and a respirator. 

Why We Love It


Because of its nasty fumes and health hazards, this product is only recommended for professional crafters. However, it is safe for newbies with the proper protective gear. 


Consider the following factors when purchasing glass etching cream:


If you intend to use etching cream with specific materials, check their compatibility first. Only then can you ensure how well your projects will turn out. 


The process of applying eczema creams is usually easy, but there are precautions that must be taken since the creams can cause death and other adverse conditions when in contact with the skin, or if you inhale the gases. 

Keeping it out of reach of curious children is a good idea, as well as storing it where little ones can reach it. Although some brands require an adult to supervise kids over 12 to use their products, others do not. 


Freebies are sometimes included with products. If you are tempted by the accessories, don’t buy it. Seeing them may be seductive, but if they don’t serve any purpose for glass etching or crafting, then they’re not worth the price. 

Time to dry

The drying times of different brands vary. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be as short as 1-3 minutes, but many crafters swear that it takes between 10-15 minutes to get the best results. The etching quality varies from brand to brand, and some brands require 30 minutes or more. 


1. What is the ideal amount of time to let etching cream sit?

Most stencils can be successfully etched in five minutes without causing damage to the stencil. Leave the cream on longer if possible. If the etching cream is applied in a shorter period of time, the glass won’t be etched properly.

The stencil brand recommended by the manufacturer will prevent your design from being damaged, but some brands take as much as 15 minutes. Check your instructions before you begin.

2. How do you etch glass with chemicals?

Chemical etching sprays work by quickly dissolving glass unprotected with hydrofluoric acid, etching the desired pattern into the glass. With an appropriate resistor, you can then remove it selectively, so the etched design is the only one left.

3. Would it be possible to tint the etching cream?

Sadly ,no. Due to its acidic nature, etching cream cannot be colored.

4. Can glass etching be removed?

It’s not. As a result of using the glass etching cream, a matte and cloudy finish can be permanently applied to glass.

5. Which skin types can be treated with etching cream?

Several materials can be used for etching, including glass, porcelain, and glazed. It may take varying amounts of time for the gel to take effect depending on the brand of gel you can use if you want to wear out your material. It is best to use a good stencil, so it will not curl after etching cream has been left for a few minutes.


We chose Etchall Etching Creme as our winner because it is much safer for use, especially since it is ASTM D-4238 certified and has been approved for use by younger crafters (over 12 years old), so it is much safer than other brands. In addition, it can be reused, making it an extremely cost-effective product.

Also recommended is the Armor Etch 15-0200 Glass Etching Cream Kit, which has 2 Moshify brushes for safer application. Made of dishwasher-safe material, the brush is reusable.

Get Etch-l-M Porcelain Etching Cream for industrial-style DIY projects, like bathtubs and glass shower doors. Using this method, you can cut back on preparation time by over 80%, which will improve the adhesion of paint and other repair materials.

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