Have you ever done an etching project on glass? What is your experience with glass etching paint? Please read this blog for more information on how to make your etchings stand out using the best glass etching paint. Here we go!


The FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Set received the best overall rating Acrylic paint with a satin finish The oven can be used for curing No toxicity
LINX Basics Fluorescent Acrylic Paint is the best fluorescent acrylic paint Colors that are bright and fluorescent • Easily cleaned • Economic
Set of Acrylic Paints at the Cheapest Price – Caliart Acrylic Paint Set In the water-based category The product is non-toxic • Consistent results


Colors that popSurfaces multipleChildren can safely use this productBrushes for nylon freeGuaranteed money-back after one yearThe consistency of thick creamAcrylic medium must be used    

Customer Feedback 

Colorful Benicci glass etching paint sets are popular among clients due to their safe use and brilliant colors. It’s an excellent deal because it’s so cheap and of superb quality. When it comes to art products, many people believe that this is the best value.

Why We Love It

It comes with 38ml tubes as opposed to the usual 22ml tubes in other acrylic paint sets. Additionally, six nylon brushes of different sizes are included (round brushes #4, 8, and 10 and flat brushes #4, 6, and 12).

Among the colors displayed on the wall are scarlet, crimson, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, sky blue, ultramarine blue, sap green, emerald green, white, and flesh. Besides lemon yellow, mid yellow, ochre, vermilion, gray, gold, silver, black, violet, burnt umber, burnt sienna, and raw umber, it also contains pieces of gray and gold.

There are some surfaces on which it will not work, such as canvas, wood, Styrofoam, plaster, ceramics, clay, and glass. Benicci offered a 1-year money-back guarantee on this product, so you will get a refund immediately if you’re not satisfied.


Crafters who want to try acrylic paints for their craft should purchase this glass painting kit. The brush set comes in a zippered organizer which makes organizing your painting supplies easy. 


Non-acidicFinished in transparentSurfaces without pores are bestAdhesion strengthMeets ASTM D-4236 requirementsCannot be washedOn the nozzle, there is a large hole

Customer Feedback 

Ink products from Pi*ata have vibrant colors that appeal to some of their customers. Nevertheless, they suggest using these only for decorative items since they do not adhere well to projects that will be washed.

Our Opinions on Why It’s Great

As a result of their strong adhesion to non-porous surfaces, Pi*ata alcohol inks, which are technically not glass paint, are great for coloring etched glasses. The dyes stain glass and porcelain because they are semi-opaque, multi-media transparent pigments. 

They are also moisture resistant and retain vibrant colors over time. If fully dry, alcohol ink may wash off the glass. Nevertheless, we discourage washing the glass the ink was applied to.

Yellow, orange, magenta, blue, green, purple, white, black, and gold make up the 9 bottles of the starter kit, giving you plenty of choices for etched projects. The bottles hold 14.2 ml each. Art supplies labeled according to ASTM D-4236 guidelines are non-toxic and are considered safe for home use.

Inks formulated with alcohol are also very affordable and economical as they can cover a lot of surface area. If you want to use it for delicate designs, however, you are better off using a needle-tip glue applicator. The nozzle may be too big for small designs.


It is best to use alcohol inks on decorative etched glass for crafters and glass artists.


Stainless-steel acrylic paintBakeablePhytosafeApplying is easyClean up is easyThe consistency is too thickA medium of acrylic is needed

Customer Feedback 

It can be used on a variety of surfaces, and the quality remains consistent regardless of the surface. Additionally, it is easy to clean up and inexpensive, which makes it a great choice for hobby crafters.

It’s Great, Here’s Why

In contrast to other crafter’s paints, FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paints can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as wood, terracotta, paper, canvas, glass, fabric, ceramics, rocks, and concrete. The water-based formulation makes cleanup simple with soap and water.

It's Great, Here's Why

Its thickness prevents unnecessary spills from occurring when painting. If you want to achieve a stained glass effect, you can use an acrylic flow medium to make it more transparent. It makes the procedure easier and makes it easier to apply.

A bottle of 20ml of vivid acrylic paint in Wicker White, Daffodil Yellow, Pure Orange, Bright Pink, and Cardinal Red contains every color you can imagine. Additionally, there is Perfect Purple, Licorice, Look At Me Blue, Aqua, Lime Green, Classic Green, and Classic Green.


Unlike most acrylic paint sets, FolkArt’s Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Set works on a wide range of surfaces, including glass, wood, terra cotta, canvas, fabric, ceramics, etc.


FastColors that popTube that can be squeezedToxic-freeASTM D4236 & EN71 compliantTransparency mixedOven-curing is not recommended

Customer Feedback 

This product’s convenient sizing, vibrant colors are among its most popular features. The craft storage section is very easy to organize and has a smooth finish.

It’s Great, Here’s Why

Chalkola Acrylic Paint Sets contain 22 ml tubes of high-quality acrylic paints with which you can paint glass, wood, canvas, and ceramics. Using the paint for your glass etching projects is easy because it is non-toxic and dries fast.

There are 32 tubes included in the set; they include two each of white, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, gold, Naples yellow, Indian yellow, scarlet, vermilion, crimson, rose, rose madder, and light red ochre. 

A variety of other colors is available, including ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, phthalo green, viridian, sap green, raw sienna, raw umber, burnt umber, burnt sienna, copper, dark gray, and black. Grey and silver. The flexible plastic tube does not easily break, and you can squeeze everything out without having to worry about it breaking like with metal tubes.


A great acrylic paint set that works on multiple surfaces, the Chalkola Acrylic Paint Set is great for crafters.


Fluorescent, bright colorsCleans easilyEconomicPigments of excellent qualitySurfaces multipleBase paint is neededUse only by beginners

Customer Feedback 

Its vibrant colors lend themselves to contrast against dark backgrounds and enhance the colors of other acrylic paints, making Liquate Basics Fluorescent Acrylic Paint a good starter paint for many artists.

What makes it great

Fluorescent paint tubes are included in the pack – orange, red, pink, yellow, blue, and green. A number of materials are compatible with it, including glass, canvas, paper, masonry, metal, styrofoam, stone, ceramics, and textiles.

For strength, brightness, and fine dispersion, ceramic beads are mixed with pigments. There are 22ml of high-quality acrylic paint in each tube. It dries quickly and is easy to clean.


Students and artists find Liquitex Basics Fluorescent Acrylic Paint the best because it is easy to blend and has a permanent pigment that provides even coverage.


A finish with an antique appearanceOne pack of four colorsApplying is easyMetal and wooden decors are restored to their luster with this productEnhances opaqueness of etched glassPossibly blotchy in appearanceCuring in the oven is not recommendedWashes off easily

Customer Feedback 

The metallic finish on one user’s etched glasses is what makes him love Rub-N-Buff. In order to protect delicate glasses from unnecessary scratches, some users recommend using KimWipes.

Our Reasons for Appreciating It

Using Rub-N-Buff to color your etched glasses is a great alternative to painting them. It is a metallic finish wax that can be used on frosted glass, wicker, wood, etc. With etched glass, however, it provides a dramatic metallic effect in addition to the antique look.

The colors available in the tubes are ebony, silver leaf, gold leaf, and antique gold. Each tube contains 0.5 ounces of metallic wax finish. The waxiness of etched glass prevents it from being oven-cured.

With Pi*ata alcohol ink, you can also achieve a soft, pastel tint. It is important to avoid letting the wax become runny when you add alcohol inks. With a paper towel wrapped around your finger, apply the mixture to the etched glass.


If you’re looking for an antique finish on your etched glass projects, then Rub-N-Buff Wax Metallic Finish is the answer.

7. This is the CHEAPEST acrylic paint set – CALIART ACRYLIC PAINT SET

AquaticToxic-freeCongruence in all thingsCleanup is simpleSurfaces multipleFinishes vary

Customer Reviews 

Since Caliart acrylic paint has true colors and vivid shades, professional artists who have used a variety of acrylic paints love it. The pigments in it are of great quality, so even after some time they remain true to their colors.

Our Opinions on Why It’s Great

Different finishes are available with the Caliart Acrylic Paint Set. Each icon represents an opaque tube (white circle), a translucent tube (half circle), and a transparent tube (black circle). As well as being dense, this allows artists to create artworks with a lot of texture.

A variety of surfaces can be painted with this paint. Glass, canvas, leather, stone, wood, clay, metal, plastic, ceramics, plaster, terra cotta, and tin are among the surfaces it can produce images on.

There are eight yellows, oranges, burnt siennas, red ochres, vermilions, carmine, crimson, mauves, magenta, violets, roses, light purples, pinks, yellow pinks, yellow-green, and purples contained within. The palette also contains eight shades of blue, eight shades of green, a raw umber color, a burnt umber color, black, dark grey, grey, white, and four metallic colors (copper, bronze, gold, and silver).

The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee or a free replacement if you are not satisfied with the product.


This 52-set acrylic paint is the perfect choice for beginner artists because you can mix them to get the shade you want to use.


Application on multiple surfacesToxic-freeFlowing smoothlyCoverage that is equalBleeds infrequentlyLeaks may occurThe first time you use it may take some time

Customer Reviews 

The no-bleed coloring is extremely popular with artists, since they can still color the opposite side of the page. Some individuals prefer the product because the coverage is excellent.

What makes it great

Artists can create art on many surfaces, such as glass, rocks, stone, metal, pottery, and more, with the Transporter Acrylic Paint Pens. Painting onto different materials is a breeze with their smooth flow and excellent coverage.


Light and dark surfaces are both beautifully finished by our paint pens. Upon drying, the ink produces an opaque, glossy surface which is extremely resistant to fading. If you’re looking for paint pens to use for rock painting or aren’t yet comfortable using paintbrushes, the Trandpter Acrylic Paint Pens are ideal for you.

There are 24 paint pens included in the pack and each has an extra-fine nylon tip. It is odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it complies with ASTM D-4236 and EN-71 safety standards.

Two shades of pink, two shades of purple, three shades of yellow, three shades of blue, three shades of green, three shades of violet, metallic gold, metallic silver, and black make up this pack.


Applying is easySurfaces multipleToxic-freeFinished in glossEconomicDryes slowlyColors mainly dark

Customer Reviews 

It is easy to use on a variety of surfaces and works well for many artists. The metallic shades are also calming and provide an appealing finish.

Our Opinions on Why It’s Great

With the Craf-T Metallic Rub-On Paint, you can paint cardstock, wood, glossy paper, clay, ceramic, and glass using a flip-top case.

Besides being non-toxic, it complies with ASTM D-4236. The paper towel application is simple. Rub-on paint should be fixed with a fixative to prevent it from fading.


In place of the pricey Rub-N-Buff Wax Metallic Finish, Craf-T’s metallic rub-on paint is a great replacement.


TransparencySolventlessToxic-freeSurfaces multipleFastenalLayer of thin filmStrokes visible on the canvas

Customer Feedback 

With its vivid, transparent colors, Magicdo Stained Glass Paint is the paint of choice for crafting faux stained glass projects with glass. A layer of paint can be layered on top of another to lessen its transparency.

Our Opinions on Why It’s Great

In addition to violet, crimson, deep blue, orange-yellow, light green, cerulean blue, black, rose, viridian, burnt umber, mid-yellow, and titanium white, Magicdo Stained Glass Paint is available in many colors as well. Among the glass items that can be painted are glass vases, glass vases, wine bottles, and glass vases.

Its bright color makes it last for years due to its strong cover ability, great adhesion forces, and water resistance. Furthermore, it provides sunlight and heat protection.

The paint’s transparency can be reduced by adding another layer. During the air-drying period of seven days or the oven-curing period of two hours at 176°F, the paint becomes colorfast.


Beginner artists will enjoy using Magicdo Stained Glass Paint to etch glass.


Glossy metallic finishSurfaces with multiple usesKids can use it without dangerEasily appliedWhen not in use, it does not dry out as quicklyPackages of limited sizePaints with different runniness levelsBase coat is needed

Customer Feedback 

Easy application and a smooth, metallic finish are what customers love about it. There are other users who claim the product is very durable and can withstand outdoor weather (not snow, but at least a little rain). Another user stated that it doesn’t dry out quickly when stored for long periods, according to another user.

Why We Love It

Even though the original purpose of Craft Metallic Acrylic Paint Set was to highlight walls, you can also use it to add color to glass etching.

This 20ml bottle of gold, silver, bronze, and copper acrylic paint can easily be spread on most surfaces. Other metallic paint sets lack metallic orange, metallic purple, metallic yellow, metallic pink, and metallic black.

The paint has won the trust and recommendation of over a million users, ranging from home crafters.


These metallic acrylic paints are perfect for craftspeople who wish to paint etched glass easily and affordably.



According to the coverage of the paint set, you should buy it. A few designers like to improve the opaque effect on their glass etchings in order to give it a more pronounced look, while others prefer to achieve a muted look with a transparent finish.


What is the colorfastness of your paint? If you choose an etching paint that does not deteriorate with time, such as those you can oven-cure, you do not have to re-apply it after a few months. With a waxy finish that you can easily wipe off, you can change the color with the seasons.

How to cure/seal

A glass etching paint you can cure in the oven will give you a color that will last a long time and be permanent.

To seal the paint on your glass etching, use a clear acrylic fixative if it is not possible to use paint sealant. Preserve the clarity of the glass by not spraying fixative on non-etched parts.


Easy to use and affordable, without sacrificing quality is what you should look for in glass etching paint.


1. Is glass etching painted with what type of paint?

Enameled glass can be painted with a variety of colors. There are many advantages to acrylic paints, including their ease of use, their affordability, and their ability to be easily removed from surfaces.

Acrylic enamels are another option for painting glass. In general, they usually have a label with multiple surfaces or a wineglass on the label or the cover. Thanks to the enamel composition, they adhere to glass better and come in glossy, matte, and satin finishes.

2. Does etching on glass need to be fixed?

You may not be able to remove etched glass once it’s been done, so keep that in mind. Light etching can be removed, though. 

The etching can be removed by rubbing baking soda with your fingertips. You can also use white vinegar for this. You should always check your stencil several times before starting the etching process to ensure that there are no errors.

3. What is the best way to fill etched glass with color?

If possible, add color after the etching has been completed without removing the stencil. Let the glass dry well after you have etched it and then wash it again before painting.

If you intend to use an etched plate to serve food, place food on the underside of the plate so that the food does not come into contact with the paint, even if the manufacturer indicates that the paint is non-toxic.

It is easier to manage a small paintbrush than a larger one, so another tip is to use a fine paintbrush to limit mess.

4. When painting engraved glass, what technique do you use?

You can add color to your glass etching project by using a paintbrush with a fine tip. You can draw more precise edges with a fine tip paintbrush when creating artwork. Small strokes should be used when applying the color, but avoid going over the same area too many times.


Making your projects stand out and increasing customer satisfaction starts with finding the right glass etching paint. We recommend the following products.

Because of its non-toxic composition, satin finish, and oven cure ability, FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Set is the best glass etching paint set overall.

Liquitex Basics Fluorescent Acrylic Paint is our top choice for a fluorescent finish. The fluorescent colors are bright, easy to clean, and the device is affordable. 

The Caliart acrylic paint set is our cheapest option if you want to try acrylics. The product is also water-based, non-toxic, and has an even consistency, so it does not need to be mixed prior to use.

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