Despite being around for centuries, glass painting is still a growing art form. Many different artists have used this medium in different ways, whether it was ancient stained glass or modern anime reverse painting on glass. 

In this blog, we will take a look at the top ten best glass painters and the ways they influenced the industry.



With his fearless modern glass art, Dale Chihuly has influenced other glass artists. In addition to numerous glass bowls, seashells, chandeliers and other sculptures made of colored glass, Chihuly’s most notable contribution to the glass art genre is his 78-year-old giant sculptures.

Seattle helped him build his collection, name, and fortune. You can see his works at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle, one of his storage facilities in Tacoma, one of his offices in Ballard, and one of his studios in Seattle.

In addition to being a glass blower, he also pioneered the use of vitreous enamels in glass painting. Among the works in this series are those depicting flowers. The exhibition is on display at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas and premiered in 2017. A number of his pieces are on display privately at a Nebraska cancer center called the Chihuly Sanctuary.

Using a light source sandwiched between acrylic glass and acrylic paint, he created 3D glass paintings that were translucent and luminous as part of his other series, Light Drawings.

2. R. R. O’ROURKE 


In addition to creating amazing realistic glass paintings, Richard Rowan is also an exceptionally talented glass artist. His unique glazes are created using natural oils. Although he has over a decade of experience, he acknowledges there is still a lot he is learning. Even after over a decade of painting reverse glass, he admits he still has a lot to learn.

His current teaching position is at Castle Fine Art because he wants to share the beauty of working with glass. While recycling some glass window panes, he found out he could use oil-based paint on his glass paintings.

Although he abandoned his art to pursue a more practical career in motorsport, he ultimately returned to his first love of creating art. During his motorsport career, he drew inspiration from his travels.

Many of his paintings depict the peaceful, tranquil reflection of light from the darkening sky, but his latest collection, the Twilight collection, evokes tranquility and peace. He enjoys traveling with his family, in addition to creating glass paintings, to gather inspiration for his next collection.


It appears that Mirav Sher has one fascination in life – a fascination with the nautilus. A recurring theme in her Zohar pendants, it is also the name of one of her collections. View her Instagram profile for examples of her work. The website provides options for purchasing her art.

Her origins are in Israel, where she earned a Fine Arts degree at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design as well as a Master’s degree in Art Therapy. She has worked with interior designers and consultants to decorate upscale hotels and resorts when she’s not working on her commissioned artwork. Her artworks are displayed in some of these locations.

In order to set the colors, she adheres powder paint to glass and bakes them in an oven. Kabbalah is the spiritual aspect of Jewish faith, and she incorporates it into her paintings.


She specializes in oil painting, engraving on metal plates, stained glass art, and gemstone jewelry. Dobriela Koeva is a Bulgarian artist from Varna. 

They established the successful gallery ArtStudio Vivafamily in Varna, Bulgaria, in 1999 with their artist husband, Jordan. Those interested in contemporary art will find their original paintings, prints, and glass art displayed in the gallery.

The artist sells stained glass paintings of natural forms, flowers, landscapes, and symbolic forms on Etsy. In her oil paintings, she uses dimensional elements such as those found in stained glass.

In Bulgaria, artists have improved their techniques and promoted Bulgarian visual art abroad using the rich art history of the country.

5. Michal Burton

Among the many glass painters, Michael Burges prefers abstract paintings, such as reverse paintings and acrylic. Burges, a native of Düsseldorf, Germany, doesn’t call his paintings abstract because it limits the meaning you can attach to them.

Instead of using color as a sole means of illustration, he uses it to create lyrical, non-figurative shapes that emphasize the nuances of color. In his opinion, color is the most powerful way to communicate with others.

German art has a long history rooted in religious themes, and dates back centuries. Several of its churches have renowned stained glass artists who restored their windows recently. Perhaps that is why Burges chose this field.



In addition to her functional stained-glass paintings, Milica Dimitrova joins other Bulgarian glass artists in bringing our homes beautiful, functional stained-glass artworks. Through her Etsy shop, you can purchase her unique clocks and suncatchers, which are among the few works that are functional art.

In 2010, she began creating practical glass artwork after completing a degree in Graphic Design. In the seven years before she was hired, she freelanced as a graphic designer and fine artist. Also in 2012, she graduated from the Technical University of Varna in Bulgaria with a degree in Engineering Design.

Her name was made in the design industry before she became an accomplished glass painter when she won the international competition, ‘Europe at School,’ in 2005. Numerous exhibitions of her work have been shown in galleries and museums in Bulgaria, and her art has become a favorite of collectors for its creativity, detail, and beauty.


Your boring teacups are to blame for tea time being so boring. Artist Vita, who is self-taught, paints abstracts on tea sets and wine glasses, as well as still life and landscapes. The Etsy and Amazon shops recently added suncatchers and ring plates to the inventory.

It took her many years to perfect her technique because she was inspired by this art form, though she had no formal training in art. The very first motif she created consisted of flowers, something she didn’t feel proud of.

However, it is six years later that she already has a gallery where customers constantly raving about her work. She worked so hard to become one of those successful glass painters.


She paints stained glass on glassware, vases, candleholders, wine bottles, and earthenware as ArtAnnett, a Russian artist known on social media profiles and in her online shop. Artistically speaking, she enjoys painting realistic landscapes, flowers, animals, characters from movies, and other subjects.

She now has the time to perfect her styles and expand her categories since the artists working for her to expand her online site are working in various capacities. We are extremely proud of the artwork she created.


She paints evocative portraits on paper, canvas, and even glass under the name Draw It, a vibrant 20-year-old French artist. When she captures a smile, some sort of mystery and a bit of ethereal magic is created.

Prior to moving onto acrylic and watercolor paintings, she experimented with charcoal paintings. Her discovery of painted glass art came at a time when supplies were limited due to the pandemic.


Wang Xiaocheng is among those whose art must be preserved so the next generation can carry on their unique style. His invention of the Chinese brush revolutionized the way artists painted in snuff glasses in 1961, helping others to perpetuate this type of art.

Despite taking a back seat during the Qing Dynasty, the art of painting in snuff glasses made a comeback in Boshan in 1949 when the government sought to revive this intricate art.

As a substitute worker in the glass factory during his sick sister’s absence, he applied for the apprentice program under the direction of Xue Jingwan, where he learned to paint on snuff bottles. In order to improve his techniques, he then joined the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now known as the Chinese Academy of Art).

In 1971, Wang became China’s National Master of Arts and Crafts with the painting of 108 heroes from The Water Margin inside a 40-centimeter-square bottle. It was a far more challenging task than any of his other works.

As a result of his background and influence, Wang now uses his expertise and resources to create a museum that documents the heritage and development of the craft for future generations. Chinese paintings have unique characteristics that stand out from western art, which he wants to preserve as well.


Inspiration comes from somewhere for every artist. There must have been at least one artist on this list that touched your inner creativity, whether they paint on stained glass or reverse painting, abstract or realistic. 

Which artist has most inspired you out of these? Please comment.

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