Children and adults alike enjoy Halloween. There are many Halloween party ideas, but in order to ensure that your party is fun for everyone you must develop creative Halloween party ideas. We have DIYs for Halloween parties that you can do yourself using supplies from your local craft store!


If you want to tie your Halloween party theme together, you can put up old tombstone headers. These decors can be reused the following year, saving you both time and money.


  1. By using a craft knife, cut off the top of the styrofoam board for the tomb header.
  2. Draw a sketch of your tombstone. Alternatively, you could use a wry remark, cross, I’M DEAD, or anything else you wish. You should design something that is simple and easy to carve.
  3. Use a paring knife or soldering iron to carve out the design.
  4. Black paint should be sprayed on the tombstone header.
  5. Apply the paintbrush to the headstone without getting it inside the carved parts by dipping the tip into white or gray acrylic paint.
  6. You can stick skewers into the ground to assemble the tombstone. Decorate the tombstone with jack-o-lanterns, flameless candles, and other ornaments to make it look spooky.



Is it true that an apparition of a white lady has been sighted? The following Halloween party DIY can be made with simple household supplies. This yard decor will surely creep your friends out with its spooky appearance.

Using a low-lying fog machine and a spooky soundtrack, add dry ice for a scarier effect. If you want to use fog fluid separately, you can purchase it separately.


  1. Apply clear adhesive tape to the mannequin’s head, arms, and torso. Spread the tape three times or more to have it appear more rounded.
  2. The adhesive tape needs to be cut and carefully removed from the dummy before it can be reassembled, using more adhesive tape to close the body, head, and arms. Discard the tape.
  3. You will need strips of plastic with different widths and lengths. The skirt should be taped around the hips of the mannequin using adhesive tape. Scraps of white fabric can also be used as a skirt.
  4. Take the measurement across the shoulder and from top to bottom of the mannequin’s head. Mark the PVC tube accordingly.
  5. Assemble the cross by assembling the PVC tube and cutting it with a hacksaw.
  6. Use a short length of rebar to support the cross in the yard after attaching the adhesive tape body to the cross.
  7. Finish off your white lady by covering her head and shoulders with some wispy cheesecloth.


By using this candy slide, you can be generous even when COVID restrictions apply. A cardboard tube from linoleum can also be used if a PVC pipe is unavailable. Since it’s a blank canvas, we don’t recommend a specific design, so you may choose your own child-friendly theme. 


  1. Prepare the 7-foot candy slice with the PVC pipe cut to 3-inch.
  2. Make 6 22-inch pieces out of the 1″ PVC pipe and 3 5-inch pieces out of the 5 inch PVC pipe.
  3. Put the T connectors onto the 5-inch PVC and affix it to the stand.
  4. Create an uneven H by inserting the 22-inch pipes into the T-connectors. Repeat three times.
  5. A single uneven H is added to one set so that it is twice the height of the other uneven H.
  6. Use the distance of the foot of the stands to poke 2 rebars into the ground.
  7. To the shorter frame, add two more rebars. Make sure the slide fits on both the highest and lowest stands.
  8. Use pieces of old cheesecloth or gauze bandages to decorate the candy slide. Let the candies pass through the skull (or what you prefer) at the end of the slide.
  9. Put a skeleton (or any decorative element) on the higher stand.



Definitely not for the faint at heart, this craft is by far the scariest on our list. We don’t recommend it for children or those who are faint at heart. 


  1. Use black paint to paint the foam skull. Wait until it dries.
  2. The top of the foam skull should have a length of 16-gauge wire pushed to the neck. The loop should be small.
  3. For the shoulder, cut a pool noodle 20 inches long. 
  4. Hold the pool noodle in place by passing the tie wire through it. Apply electrical tape to the pool noodle.
  5. You will wrap the arms with foam and masking tape after cutting about 12 inches of tie wire. Similarly, wrap the lower arm with foam and masking tape.
  6. Five cuts of tie wire should be tied together for the hand and fingers. Masking tape should be applied until you have the right size. Make sure your fingers are bent so they look like they are grabbing at something.
  7. Apply black paint to the hands and arms.
  8. Drape black gauze cloth over the head and arms to complete the assembly. 


Using these glittered Halloween treat bags, you can give party favors in style to the kids. Use premade canvas bags, then decorate them with glitter if you love sewing. You can also make these treat bags from inexpensive canvas.


  1. For each bag, cut two pieces of canvas cloth 5 x 8 inches. Larger bags can be made by adjusting the pieces’ size.
  2. The canvas’ long side should be marked with 1 1/4 inches.
  3. To prevent unraveling, fold 1/4 inch on each side of the mark and sew. Turn the piece halfway through and sew it flat. A cord will be attached here.
  4. Leave the folded portion open after sewing the three sides.
  5. The width of each cord should be approximately 2 1/2 times the width of the treat bag.
  6. From one opening of the bag, thread the cord with a safety pin, and then from the other end, thread it into the bag. Tighten the cord.
  7. Continually fold the bag in half, starting with one side.
  8. You will need to trace your stencil outline onto the treat bag.
  9. You can sprinkle glitter over the glue after it is filled with glue. After it has dried, you can tap off any excess glitter.
  10. The glitter pattern can be filled in by adding more glue and glitter, tamping off the excess, and letting it dry again.


A simple Halloween craft to glam up your wine glass is so easy to make and a great way to keep up with the Halloween vibe.


  1. Rub rubbing alcohol on the wine glass and wipe it down with a paper towel to remove any grime and grease.
  2. The glitter glue stick will be heated by the glue gun.
  3. Using the melted glitter glue stick, add dripping blood to the wine glass. Use colored glue sticks instead of glitter if you don’t want glitter.


The spooky candle holder DIY transforms an old platter into a Halloween decoration. In the absence of a platter, you could use a set of Halloween mugs. With the chalk paint, you can give it a vintage effect.


  1. On the knuckles of the hand, cut the skeleton. The thumb should also be removed.
  2. The hand skeleton should look like it is holding something on the palm using a hot glue gun.
  3. White chalk paint should be used to paint the skeleton. Dry completely.
  4. To give the silver platter an antiqued look, dip the sponge in the black chalk paint and water and dab it on the platter.
  5. The hand skeleton should be painted brown with chalk paint. Lighten the chalk paint by dipping the sponge in water. Dry the paint.
  6. Glue the silver plate to the hand with hot glue.
  7. Use a red crayon to create the look of blood dripping from the flameless candle.
  8. Before turning the candle on, place it on the hand.


Howling dogs in the middle of the night are more than enough to give you an eerie feeling, but what if the howling dogs are housed in cages inside your home? The creepy effect will up the ante of your Halloween party, and will make it the most memorable one yet.


  1. Spray the tops of two laundry baskets with black paint after cutting off their tops.
  2. One chain link and shackle should be removed from the manacles.
  3. Create two holes in one of the baskets so that the chain can be hung from there. Incorporate the chain into the holes.
  4. Close the basket with another basket, then put the dog skeleton inside.
  5. Masking tape should be used to tape the baskets together. Acrylic paint should then be applied over the tape.
  6. Remove the shackle from the manacles and lock the cage.
  7. With other Halloween decor, hang the cage.


What if you could welcome your party guests with a giant eye? Put a mini projector behind a glass ball and project spooky images of your partygoers on it after you turn a simple fishbowl into a crystal ball.


  1. Wipe the dirt off with a paper towel after spraying the lamp with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Pour acrylic paint into the lamp and add some water. Take care not to paint the entire glass lamp. Swirl the paint inside the lamp.
  3. Black paint should be sprayed on the rounded pot. An adhesive should be applied to the glass lamp.


Your old loafers can be turned into something to glam up your Halloween outfit. You don’t want to ruin a fine pair of shoes for an event you probably won’t attend again.


  1. The aluminum pie plate’s center should be cut out and two leaves should be cut out, one smaller, one larger.
  2. Cut a leaf about the size of a shoe sole from the outer sides of the pie plate.
  3. The first tape should be applied to the opening of the shoes, while the second should be applied behind the heel. From the shoe sole to the outer side of the plate, the tape also covers the leaf.
  4. To attach the paper towels to the shoe, apply glue to the shoe. Apply layers until the desired thickness is reached.
  5. The shoes should be painted matte. The heels, soles, and leaves of the shoes should be painted matte as well.
  6. Sprinkle glitter on the shoes after spreading glue on them.
  7. Decorate the front and sides of the shoes with a strip of glitter paper.
  8. Finish the shoes by adding a buckle to the front of the strip.



Set the stage for your Halloween parties with a pirate tableau that includes this drunken pirate. You can also use this as part of your Halloween decorations and as a great way to repurpose empty wine bottles.


  1. Make sure to rub the skeleton down with brown chalk paint mixed with water so it will stain but won’t be painted through.
  2. Put a garbage bag in the bottom of the wooden tub large enough to cover the entire bottom. Fasten the garbage bag with staples or glue halfway up the tub’s depth. Remove any excess.
  3. Inside the wooden tub, position the skeleton. To achieve the position you desire, some bones may need to be snapped and repositioned.
  4. Place the pirate in the wooden tub and dress it before gluing it into position.
  5. The water fountain should be arranged so that it follows the contour of the torso and the arm holding the wine bottle.
  6. Make red wine-colored water by mixing red food color with water.


Keep the kids entertained by placing candy corn on the spooky tree. As with the other parts of the sculpture, fashion a bowl out of aluminum foil, then place it on top of the tree. Build the bowl into the sculpture itself or make it removable.


  1. You can fold an aluminum foil roll of 5 m in half after you unroll it.
  2. Form the sculpture’s body by wrapping it around your hand.
  3. Make the body stronger by rolling more aluminum foil.
  4. Masking tape can be applied when you have enough thickness.
  5. Tape the arms to the body with masking tape and add limbs made from aluminum foil.
  6. The battery-operated tealight and the face should be inserted through the back.
  7. Two parts glue and one part water should be combined.
  8. Attach tissue paper to the sculpture by dipping it in glue and sticking it to create the bark texture.
  9. Allow it to dry for 12-24 hours before painting after adding four or more layers of toilet paper or paper towel.
  10. You can use black or dark brown craft acrylic paint. Allow the black paint to dry before airbrushing a lighter brown on top.
  11. Make the tree look more natural by adding fake moss, twigs, and leaves.
  12. To complete the setup for the sculpture, attach the tealight to the back.


Your children will enjoy doing this popsicle stick craft with you, as well as other Halloween crafts. This project is useful because of its rugged look, which does not require precise cutting.


  1. Make your witch cottage from cardboard by cutting it according to your design. Before assembling the house, measure and make enough pieces.
  2. The door and window frames should be cut where they go.
  3. Styrofoam board and cardboard pieces need to be glued together.
  4. Popsicle sticks should be cut off about 3/4 inch from the edge, at the curved end. Remove.
  5. Popsicle sticks cut unevenly should be used to cover the walls. Allow spaces between slats and keep it rugged.
  6. Using the popsicle ends for the shingles, construct the roof once the walls are finished.
  7. Build the porch, stairway, and picket fence, as well as the doors, window bars, and windows.
  8. Black craft paint should be applied to the walls and roof. After the paint dries, it should be dry brushed with gray paint.
  9. The witch house will look more authentic with faux greens, twigs, roots, and other decorations.
  10. A battery-powered tealight completes the setup.


It’s easier than you think to make Halloween crafts for your party. You can do this craft with children and it’s versatile as well. This technique can be used on condiment jars, candle holders like the one described above, jam jars, or even wine bottles.


  1. Use rubbing alcohol and paper towels to clean your used glass.
  2. Make the googly eyes and stick them onto the jar. Glue dots can be used if self-adhesive is not strong enough.
  3. Bandage the jar with 2 inches of gauze, allowing the eyes to peek through.


The kids will love doing this Halloween party DIY. Make this fun DIY project with your child’s broken crayons. Use foam pumpkins instead of real ones.


  1. After removing the crown from the pumpkin, paint the pumpkin with white craft paint.
  2. Paint the pumpkin’s crown and glue a crayon around it. Choose a color scheme you like.
  3. Make the crayons splatter on the white-washed pumpkin by melting them with your hair dryer or heating tool.
  4. Add candy corn, chocolate drops, and other treats to the pumpkin, then cover it with a glass bowl.


We have a simple and fun Halloween party craft your kids will enjoy. This craft can be done by younger children by simply assembling the bouquet, but older children can do it easily as well. 


  1. Removing the handles from the jack-o-lantern baskets is important.
  2. Pebbles should be placed in one basket as weight.
  3. Combine the baskets by gluing them together. Ensure the connections are strong by adding more glue.
  4. Make sure the tower is well-covered in flat white paint.
  5. Gold paint should be used to paint the eyes and mouth.
  6. The flowers should be arranged in a foaming pot that fits the basket’s opening.
  7. On the second basket, glue a bouquet of more orange flowers and burlap ribbon. We have a tutorial on how to make paper flowers if you want to make your own. 


Black and white acrylic paints add a touch of glamour to a simple bottle. Decorate your bar with this gorgeous piece.


  1. Dishwashing soap and warm water should be used to clean the empty bottle. Allow it to dry.
  2. Make the paint runnier by mixing acrylic paint medium with black acrylic paint.
  3. Paint the entire glass bottle by pouring the paint inside and stirring it.
  4. Rub some rubbing alcohol on the bottle’s surface and wipe it clean.
  5. Paint the white acrylic paint on the skeleton hand stencil and position it on the bottle.
  6. After the painting has dried, seal it with clear acrylic varnish.


You can transform a regular trash can into a tree stump trash can to encourage partygoers and particularly kids to throw their trash where it belongs. 


  1. The garbage can is taped with aluminum foil rolled up. Continue to wrap aluminum foil around the can until it is completely covered.
  2. The aluminum face cover should be cut off in portions. Cut out the features of the face and fill them in.
  3. Two parts of glue should be mixed with one part of water.
  4. Attach tissue paper to the sculpture by dipping it in glue and sticking it to create the bark texture.
  5. Let the torn tissue paper dry for 12-24 hours before painting it. You can apply three or more layers of tissue paper.
  6. You can use black or dark brown craft acrylic paint. After the black paint has dried, dry-brush a lighter brown over it.
  7. Use fake moss to decorate your face.



You can even hold a pumpkin carving contest to use the best pumpkins for your topiary instead of buying store-bought pumpkins. That would be a fun way to celebrate Halloween. You can also use your Cinco de Mayo flowers for this project if you have kept them. 


  1. Paint colored pumpkins with white acrylic if you are using colored pumpkins. Apply three coats for an even coverage. For white foam pumpkins, skip this step.
  2. With a craft knife, cut out the features of the jack-o-lantern faces you drew on the pumpkins.
  3. To put the fairy lights on later, make a hole in the back of the pumpkin.
  4. Leave one pumpkin without a hole at the top after poking a hole from the top to the bottom.
  5. Glue the PVC pipe inside a circular trash can to create the base. To keep the topiary from falling over, add pebbles to the trash can.
  6. Using a zigzag pattern, push the pumpkins onto the PVC pipe. As the last pumpkin in the topiary, use the pumpkin without a hole at the top.
  7. The fairy lights should be placed at the back of the pumpkin.
  8. Around the bottom of the pumpkin, arrange raffia grass.


You can use your daughter’s outgrown dollhouses to make a haunted house for Halloween. To see more Halloween-themed party decor ideas, take a look at this tutorial.


  1. Cut out the parts of a dollhouse you will not use.
  2. Use a hot glue gun to assemble the design of your choice.
  3. Use old gray paint on the roof and antique white gloss on the walls.
  4. Walls painted with chalkboard black and burnt umber acrylic paint.
  5. The roof, windows, and doors should have gunmetal gray highlights.
  6. Install a battery-operated tealight on both the first and second floors of the house. Assemble the whole house and light it.


You’re fed up with your boring candle holders? Making it more interesting is as simple as using a gold spray and skeleton hands. It is even possible to use this craft to make Halloween-themed decors out of scented candles. To complete the project, simply glue the gold-painted hand to the glass. 


  1. Using gold paint, paint the candleholder and skeleton hands.
  2. Wash the fishbowl in alcohol and then wipe it clean with a paper towel. Use pink paint to paint the interior of the fishbowl.
  3. Stuff a large round of cotton with fairy lights, then place it into the fishbowl.
  4. Attach the candle holder to the fishbowl with glue.
  5. Make the skeleton fingers look like they are holding the crystal ball by hot-gluing them onto the crystal.
  6. Plastic spiders can be used to decorate.


It only takes a few hours to complete this craft, including drying time for the paint. It only takes a few minutes to assemble.


  1. Spray rubbing alcohol on your vases to remove dirt and grease, then wipe them down with a paper towel.
  2. Use frosted glass paint to coat the insides of the vases. Allow to dry.
  3. Mark the vases with the permanent marker to create ghost eyes.
  4. Rocks or sand can be used to fill flowerpots or you can top them with glass pebbles.
  5. Placing the frosted glass vase atop the solar light and adding a solar light to the pot.


Remember to include your ever-present door hanger for welcoming your guests. We’re making candy corn door hangers, which is child-friendly since it isn’t scary.


  1. On the styrofoam board, make a long triangle with a round edge. Take your craft knife and cut it out.
  2. White, orange, and yellow are the colors to use for the candy corn.
  3. Black dots should be placed on the white part, orange faces should have jack-o-lantern faces, and yellow bubbles should have orange bubbles.
  4. Where the colors meet, glue a 1-inch ribbon.
  5. Using fabric ribbon, burlap ribbon and gold leaves, make a messy bow


Instead of serving your sweets in a tray, why not let them enjoy them in one of these fun candy holders? By adding a tutu and witch’s legs to your treat buckets, you may even make matching buckets for your guests’ kids.  


  1. A large mixing bowl should be painted black on the outside.
  2. Make a tutu out of the tulle ribbon and wrap it around the mixing bowl. Make two layers of the tulle ribbon if you have the extra time.
  3. Add a length of 10mm abaca rope to the top of the tulle ribbon on the bowl.
  4. Put the witch’s leg under the mixing bowl after removing it from its holder.
  5. Candies should be placed in the bowl.


Both children and adults enjoy pi*atas – the challenge, the surprises, the fun! Put all your party favors into the pi*ata instead of packing them, and let your guests have a blast! We’re going to take it to a whole new level this time with a spider!


  1. Make sure your balloon is large enough to accommodate the sweets. You can either place it in a container or blow it up.
  2. Attach a string or ribbon to the balloon so that the pi*ata can be hung later.
  3. Store the old newspapers in a small box by cutting them into 1×3-inch strips.
  4. Paper mache is made by mixing glue and water.
  5. Stick the paper cuts to the balloon by dipping them in the dipping solution. Repeat this several times, until the balloon is the desired thickness. You can later fill it with Halloween candy if you leave a small portion at the bottom.
  6. Add the decorations after the paper mache has dried for at least 12 hours.
  7. Wrap gauge 16 floral wires with newspaper strips while the paper mache is drying. Trim the tips of the legs so they are thinner than their bases.
  8. Make small, halfway cuts on the crepe paper strips, about 1/4 inch apart, to cut fringes.
  9. Crepe paper fringe can be wrapped around the legs.
  10. If you want to break the balloon later, pop the paper mache when it is dry. Put sweets inside. You can tape the hole to prevent them from falling out.
  11. Masking tape is used to assemble the balloon by taping four legs on each side.
  12. Continue to wrap the balloon in crepe paper fringe. Using white paper and black cardstock, attach eyes and mouths.


Make a unique Halloween party that everyone in your neighborhood will enjoy with these simple, yet creative DIYs. Never forget lots of candy, as well as costumes! 

Here are some tips to help you plan a fantastic Halloween event. Feel free to contact our team of experts if you need additional assistance or ideas! Let’s celebrate together soon!

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