Worried about the quality of your Cricut mat, have you ever hesitated to use it? Cricut mats can be washed easily. We will discuss how to properly clean, store, and maintain your mat to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.


Using the clear cover for the Cricut

A transparent cover comes with your new Cricut mat. If your cutting mat isn’t being used, cover it with it.

Get rid of leftovers right away

It is important to remove leftover paper and glitter after every cut so that your Cricut mat remains in good condition. To remove excess paper and large leftovers, a Cricut scraper is an excellent tool. Lint removers and brayers can be used to remove lint and glitter.

Using the clear cover for the Cricut

Make sure you use the right mat

Use the right mat for your project. Mats are there for a reason. During cutting, the sticky surface ensures that the materials stay attached to the mat so they do not fall off.

  • For heavier papers, such as chipboard, specialty cardstock, stiffened fabric, glitter cardstock, and other materials requiring a stronghold, StrongGrip (purple mat) would be the best choice.
  • Material such as patterned paper, iron-on, cardstock, and vinyl is best suited to StandardGrip (green mat).
  • It is best to use LightGrip (blue mat) if you are working with lightweight materials like cardstock, construction paper, printer paper, or any other lightweight paper.
  • The best fabric cutting mat is FabricGrip (pink).


You can get a new cutting mat without spending much money if you use these crafter-tested cleaning methods.

Baby wipes that are alcohol-free

Cutting mats cannot all be cleaned with baby wipes. If you want to clean your Cricut mat with baby wipes, use alcohol-free baby wipes. Additionally, baby wipes won’t need to be washed because they’re readily available at home. Allow the mat to sit for 5-10 minutes after wiping down the moisture with paper towels.

Laundry soap

For cleaning your Cricut mats, you can also use dishwashing liquid like Dawn dish soap. Simply squirt a small amount of it on the sponge before scrubbing in a circular motion.

A second trick would be to apply dishwashing liquid directly to the mat and then wait a minute. You can also loosen the gunk by soaking the mat in soapy water. The mat should be rinsed and dried with a paper towel after being washed under warm water. A good level of stickiness should be achieved after about 10 minutes.

Degreaser or cleaner for all purposes

Cleaning your Cricut mats is also easy with a general cleaner or degreaser. Nevertheless, be gentle when scrubbing the surface since some crafters are having discoloration issues. 

Discrimination does not affect the mat’s functionality, however, so you do not need to worry about it. A product like Goo Gone Adhesive Remover can also be used to safely remove adhesive from cutting mats.

Cricut pink mat cleaning

Cricut pink mat cleaning

Keeping dirt out of the pink Cricut fabric mat is best, since it is more sensitive than the other mats. Be careful not to touch the pink mat. Grease will leave marks.

 Adhesive should be removed. Utilize a pair of tweezers or weeders to remove the fabric, and using a brayer or lint roller to remove the remaining lint and fabric residue.

To adhere the FabricGrip Cricut mat, crafters recommend adding a clear transfer tape to the sticky side up, then rolling your brayer over it. You can keep your pink mat clean while keeping fabric lint off the transfer tape. There are several crafters who swear by LA’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner. 

After you have applied an even layer of the cleaner to the pink mat, let it sit for a few minutes. The Cricut scraper should be used with even, light pressure when scraping the fabric lint. Allow the mat to air dry completely by rinsing it under lukewarm water, wiping it with a paper towel, and allowing it to sit for 15 minutes. Once it dries, it will be sticky again.


My Cricut mat needs to be cleaned when?

The time to clean your Cricut is when it doesn’t feel sticky anymore. Sticky cutting mats must be cleaned of gunk to prevent damage to your machine.

Cricut mats last for how long?

You can use the Cricut mat for up to 40 times since it is sticky and durable. You should clean the mat regularly in order to prolong its lifespan.

Where can I find instructions for refreshing a Cricut mat?

You can re-stick cutting mats with these repositionable adhesive products. The paper or vinyl on the mat does not completely dry, making it possible to remove and restick it. Dry the glue completely, then cover it with a clear plastic cover. Apply adhesive again every four times. 

The Cricut mat needs to be cleaned and made sticky again to be refreshed. Apply your mat with Krylon Easy-Tack adhesive spray or Zig 2-way glue after cleaning it using these hacks.

The Tack-It formula can also be mixed with water and applied over the mat. Alternatively, Stencil Ease Adhesive Spray can also be repositioned. To prevent the adhesive spray from soaking the whole mat, add painter’s tape or masking tape to the corners of your clean Cricut cutting mat.


The purpose of this article is to provide you with some useful information. To get the best results from your craft projects, you must care for your tools. When Cricut cutting mats lose their adhesiveness, Cricut recommends that you replace them; however, why throw them out when they are still usable?

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