On Memorial Day, we remember those who fought for our freedom and lost their lives for it. As well as their loved ones, we remember the brave families who sacrificed themselves to defend our country. Learn how to make paper crafts for Memorial Day as a way to honor them. 

Make a crepe paper poppy by preparing all your supplies and tools. The pistil needs to be glued around the stamens and petals to form the poppy. The petals can also be fluffed up if the stem is covered with tape or crepe paper.

Learn more family-friendly Memorial Day crafts as you continue reading. The paper crafts are organized by age group, so preschoolers, kids, teens, and adults can enjoy them.



Thousand of soldiers died in the war between France and Belgium in the early 1900s, and the red poppy symbolizes their bloodshed. 

It was first mentioned in John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields,” which juxtaposed the irony of death and pain with the beauty of red poppies growing amid wreckage.

Several concerted efforts to raise funds for war widows and orphans eventually led to the sale of silk poppies. It is believed that Madame Guérin and Moina Michael were well-known personalities who promoted awareness of war’s evils and raised funds for war heroes and their bereaved families by selling silk poppies. 

In recognition of their efforts, the ladies earned their monikers as Poppy Lady and the Originator of Poppy Day.

Supplies and tools should be prepared

1. Make the following cuts to prepare the poppy parts:

a.) olive green crepe paper cut into an oblong (long side cuts in line with grain)

b) Six pieces of 3 by 4 inch red crepe paper (long side cut perpendicular to grain).

c) A 2×8-inch black crepe paper, scored on the grain (short side). 

2. In addition to these items, you will need a pair of regular scissors, a pair of pinking shears, a hot glue gun, an 18-gauge floral stem, a black marker, and a wire cutter. Besides floral tape, you may also need a roll. 

The pistil should be made

  1. Use the pinking shears to make a jagged end on one broad side of the black crepe paper.
  2. Roll each cut into a tight roll, then cut along the grain of the rectangle to resemble the pistil. Let dry.

Poppy stamens should be made  

  1. The floral stem should be surrounded by a wad of tissue paper. 
  2. Wrap the tissue paper with the olive green crepe paper and stretch it slightly. Then glue the excess crepe paper to the stem of the floral arrangement. 
  3. On the green crepe paper, create crisscrossing lines that resemble an asterisk. 

The flower should be assembled

  1. After gluing the stamen to the pistil, the assembly is complete.
  2. Give each petal a ruffled look by stretching the center and pulling the outer edge of the petal. Pull the other petal end as well. 
  3. The inner three petals should be close to one another on the stem. Alternately place the inner and outer petals. 

The fluff that forms the flower

  1. To spread the petals, slowly pull out the petals. 
  2. Use floral tape or a piece of crepe paper cut from olive green to wrap the stem. 

An alternative method for making paper flowers with tissue paper can be seen in this video:


It may be difficult to figure out what paper crafts to make with your preschooler for Memorial Day. So, we rounded up a few paper crafts for them, but they will need assistance cutting and assembling them.



For children as young as three, this memorial day craft is straightforward to make. Knowing the history of one’s country is never too early for children. Teaching your kids the significance of Memorial Day with a craft like this tissue paper flag is a great way to teach them. 


  1. Tissue paper should be cut into 1 12 inch squares of red, white, and blue.
  2. The yellow marker should be used to color your flag template’s stars.
  3. By alternating the red and white stripes on the tissue paper squares, crumple the squares and glue them.
  4. Glue the blue tissue paper to the area around the stars in the same way. 

For older kids, you can apply glue to the tissue paper squares, then push the chopstick into the template to stick the tissue paper into the flag. To make the stars look cleaner, add some yellow squares. 


Here’s another craft you can do with children to make an American flag. Print the US flag and have your kids color it, or you can download a printable version and have them color it. 

By attaching the flags to cardstock and dowels, your kids will find it easier to handle and wave them. These flags can also be attached to your lawn with a longer dowel for a more festive appearance.


  1. Score a piece of cardstock measuring 4 1 4 x 7 1 4 inches from the left end, about 12 inches from the center.
  2. The red and white striped cardstock can be cut into two 4×6-inch pieces. 
  3. Make two squares of blue cardstock that are 2×2 inches. Dot or make several white stars to resemble the stars if it does not have star prints.
  4. On the white cardstock, stick both sides of the red and white cardstocks. 
  5. On the front side of the flag, glue the blue square on the upper lefthand corner. Do the same on the backside of the flag. You can use a white correction pen to draw stars or dots on plain blue cardstock. 
  6. The white cardstock should be folded along the score line and three cuts should be made halfway in the fold.
  7. Make the cut on the cardstock into a flag and stick the dowel into it.
  8. A ribbon should be tied at the top and bottom of the flag to secure it.  



Bring back the allure of running in open places, without gadgets and technology, to your kids and let them be kids again. For your kids to play with these pinwheels, use red, blue, and white cardstock. 

In addition to the cardstock flag in the previous tutorial, these also make great lawn decorations. While it’s possible to buy mini-versions of the American flag, what’s the point?


  1. Your cardstock should be 6×6 inches in size. If you would like a larger card, you can use a larger square. Measure the cardstock and mark the center. 
  2. Cut a diagonal line from the corner of the cardstock to the center about 3 12 inches long.
  3. On the pinwheel wing and in the center of the cardstock, punch a hole.
  4. Line the hole in the corner of the pinwheel wing with the hole in the center by adding a small dot of hot glue to the corner. Complete the process for the rest of the wings. 
  5. From the cardstock, cut a circle 1 inch in diameter. In the center, punch a hole. By gluing the circles on the front and the back of the pinwheel, secure it. 
  6. Dowel the straw with the dowel. At the end of the straw, cut a small hole about 12 inches from the end. 
  7. Pipe cleaners should be inserted into the holes you cut on the straw, then inserted into the holes on the pinwheel. To secure the pipe cleaner, fold the end over the front of the pinwheel. 
  8. You should leave at least one inch between the pinwheel and the dowel. Secure the pinwheel with the pipe cleaner.
  9. Put a few ribbons on the pinwheel to decorate it. 


Taking your kid to see the bald eagle and learning about its symbolism in US History is an excellent idea. Consider the symbolism of the bald eagle, as well as how Memorial Day honors the soldiers who fought for freedom.


  1. Take your child’s hands and trace them on a piece of brown cardstock. Cut out two pairs.
  2. From the same piece of kraft cardstock, cut out an eagle and a star. 
  3. Make an eagle out of paint. Make the head white, the tail red, the beak yellow, and the talons yellow using acrylic paint. 
  4. Draw lines and stripes around the star. Use blue paint to cover the top half.  Use red and white paint to cover the bottom half. 
  5. Attach the cutouts of the hands to the back of the eagle with glue. Make the eyes, beak, and talons black with a marker. 

Use another sheet of kraft cardstock to trace the finished eagle and cut it out. A message should be added to the back cutout, and a small strip of cardstock should be used to join the front and back pieces.


For Memorial Day paper crafts, it’s important to keep them age-appropriate in difficulty level. These crafts are perfect for elementary-aged children. 

If you display their work throughout the house, imagine how proud they’ll be. You can use these crafts over and over again for patriotic celebrations like the 4th of July and Veterans Day, for instance.


Although war has ravaged the world, poppy flowers remind us that hope still endures. After experiencing post-war trauma, every survivor has demonstrated resilience to move forward. 

These construction paper poppy flowers will make Memorial Day more memorable this year. Decorate your venue or adorn your photo booth with this easy-to-make decor.

Preparation of the petals

  1. Use the following dimensions to cut your construction paper: 
  2. One 4-inch square and one 3 14-inch square of the primary color
  3. A piece of 1 588-inch square black construction paper
  4. One piece of yellow construction paper, measuring 1 588 inches square.
  5. For the main color, fold the 4-inch square in half to create a rectangle. Fold the rectangle into a triangle by finding the center point. 
  6. Form the petals of the flower by drawing a wavy line on the wider part of the triangle. Make a three-petaled flower by cutting along the wavy lines, then on one side of the triangle. 
  7. The smaller square of the main color needs to be done in the same way.
  8. With a pencil, curl the petals.

Stamens and pistils should be made

  1. Make a tight circle out of a small piece of tissue paper. Use the yellow construction paper to wrap it tightly. Cut off the excess construction paper, leaving 14 inches at the base. The stamen will be made from this portion. 
  2. Make a hole in the centre of the black square by cutting a circle out of it and folding it in four. 
  3. Make minor cuts around the circle to create a fringe for the pistil.
  4. The stamen (yellow ball) should be pushed into the hole of the pistil (black fringe) and glued together. 

Glue the poppies together

  1. Make a cup by pushing the petals towards the center. Attach the outer and inner petals with glue. 
  2. Stamens should be glued into petals. You now have a finished poppie. 


The shadow boxes filled with patriotic images will add a touch of charm to your living room. Since all kids need to do is paint the frame and glue the pictures to the cardstock, this craft is easy enough for elementary school-age kids.


  1. If you do not want to paint certain parts of the shadowbox, tape them. Using red chalkboard paint on one frame and white matte finish paint on the other. 
  2. Use kraft cardstock to cut out the size of the frames or shadow boxes.
  3. Please print Lincoln vectors, the map outline, and the stars & stripes printables. 
  4. Draw the face of Lincoln on a piece of cardstock. Take a measurement of the width of the face where the sunglasses will go and cut it out. 
  5. Using the stars and stripes printout, trace the outline of an aviator sunglasses. Use the marker to trace the sunglasses and then cut them out. Attach the sunglasses to Lincoln’s face. 
  6. Print the American map and glue it to a piece of cardstock. Use blue acrylic paint to paint the map.   
  7. On the map printout, paint the word ‘Merica’ with white acrylic paint, or use a stencil if you prefer. Once the paint has dried, carefully cut out the map.
  8. Cut out Lincoln’s face and the map from another cardstock. Glue them together to create the frames. If you want your image to look raised, you can use foam tape. 
  9. Display the image by attaching it to the frame. 

Using a piece of paper, create a freehand lettering design to use as the ‘Merica stencil. Use a craft knife to cut it out. Paint the cutout portion slowly after placing the stencil on the map outline.


This burlap-covered star is a great way to make a paper craft for Memorial Day. 

We can make these stars into a three-dimensional art piece and display them on your mantelpiece. If you glue a piece of ribbon to the back of the star, you can use it as a curtain holder, or you can hang several of them on a hemp rope as a banner.

Cardboard stars can be made

  1. You can choose which side of the star to use. The perfect size for the star is 6 inches.  
  2. The front and the back of the star need two stars and one 1 12-inch wide rectangle, depending on the size of the star.
  3. From the left side of the star, measure each side and mark the points 1 – 5. 
  4. Mark the folds on the side of the rectangle cardboard. The folds on the rectangle cardboard should match the ones on the triangle. 
  5. When you attach the sides of the star, add dots of hot glue. 
  6. Add weight to the star by half-filling it with sand or pebbles before closing it. 

The star should be decorated

  1. The star template should be used to cut the front and back parts of the burlap. Additionally, cut a burlap strip 12 inches wide for the sides. Apply glue to the star face and the sides. 
  2. You should cut the yarn an inch longer than the broadest part of the star if you’re using glue. Create a crisscross pattern with the yarn. Be sure to do the sides as well. 
  3. A bow should be added to the star’s top. 


You can add charm, beauty, and a welcoming vibe to your front door with door hangers. It is not easy to make a papercraft for Memorial Day as paper is not as stable as wood, and front door hangers have to endure extreme weather conditions. 

A cardboard mason jar, a very American staple, makes the perfect door hanger, thanks to Mod Podge. Finish it with a messy bow made of burlap ribbons and fabric.

Mason jars are easy to make

  1. Take a cardboard box or kraft paper and cut out a mason jar shape.
  2. White acrylic paint should be used. Once the first layer is dry, add another layer if desired. 
  3. Blue acrylic paint is applied to the upper lefthand corner of the mason jar. It needs to dry.
  4. Create the red and white stripes on the mason jar by adding squiggly red lines. After they dry, paint them red.
  5. A star stencil was used to paint stars on the mason jar’s blue square. 
  6. To highlight the red stripe, add white squiggly lines to the edges.
  7. Once the cardstock mason jar is dry, seal it with Mod Podge. 
  8. Make a hole in the top of the mason jar, thread the rope through, and tie the ends. Discard. 

Put the messy bow on

  1. The ribbon, burlap, gingham fabric, and red, blue, and white ribbon will measure about 8-10 inches.
  2. Put the burlap on the bottom, then the ribbons, burlap, and fabric at random. 
  3. Use floral wire to tie the bow. 
  4. All the ends should be gathered together and the excess length should be cut off. The bow should be fluffed and tied to the top.


Post-consumer materials can be used to make memorial day paper crafts. You can turn paper straws into shadowbox art for Memorial Day by recycling them. 

This decorative piece is perfect for decorating your mantle, a corner table, or even hanging on the wall. To make the US flag stripes, roll red and white cardstock alternately, then glue them together. 


  1. Make a cardboard piece that is the same size as your shadowbox frame.
  2. Take the lower left quarter of the cardboard and turn it into the stars section. For this project, lie on the longer side of a rectangular shadowbox. 
  3. Fit your blue straw with stars or polka dot designs into the stars section. So the straws fit into the shadowbox, do not allow any straws to protrude from the cardboard. 
  4. You can alternate the red and white paper straws or use the red striped straws. 
  5. The shadow box must have a hole drilled in one side. Use two holes about 3 inches apart on a rectangular box. 
  6. The straw flag should be attached to the shadowbox’s floor with glue.
  7. A 12-inch floral wire is strung with silver beads. At least 8 inches of beads should be strung on the wire. For boxes with two holes, a longer string should be used. 
  8. The floral wire should be inserted into both the holes on the shadowbox. It should be tied off and trimmed. Put one wire end into one hole of the box and the other into the other hole. Connect the wire end to the upper side of the frame and secure it with hot glue.


Here’s another upcycling project you can do with old postcards or posters if you are still wondering how to make paper crafts for Memorial Day. 

Alternatively, you can print patriotic images to use in your artwork if you don’t have those. These images can also be used to teach your children about American history.

Prepare backdrops for postcards

  1. Arrange 12 paint sticks in a row. Attach the back of the base with three paint sticks.
  2. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the dust on the top of the base.
  3. Acrylic paint can be used to create the star design. 

Beads should be painted

  1. Each string of beads should contain 7 beads.  
  2. Beads should be painted in red, white, and blue. Let them dry.
  3. Alternate the colours of the beads, then remove the beads from their strings. Set aside the hemp rope after tying off the ends.

Put together the wall art

  1. On the wall art base, create three rows of decorative cardstock. 
  2. At the top and bottom, add a 12 inch strip of cardstock. 
  3. The remaining space in the center can be divided and lined with another piece of cardstock.
  4. Place one postcard on the upper half of the wall art base and two on the lower half. Glue them together. 


What paper craft ideas do you have for your teenagers or grandchildren to make for Memorial Day? Ensure it is challenging enough to hold their attention, but not so complex that they leave. 

You can share historical tidbits with your children while crafting together as you get away from gadgets and mobile games.


Soldiers and sailors alike are recognized for their unity and bravery by sculptures like these. It is not difficult to create these star sculptures. 

Cut stars out of cardboard, wood scraps, or store-bought star shapes. The patriotic decor was made by layering kraft cardstock and other items around the home.


  1. The main sculpture should be made from a large star, and the decorations should be smaller stars. As in the picture above, round the points of the smaller ones.
  2. Make a sculpture by cutting 4-5 large stars and glueing them together.
  3. Stars should be painted on the outer edges. The outer star should have blue stripes, the inner star should have red stripes. Another option is to paint the upper half of one star blue, then paint the lower half of the star with red and white stripes.
  4. White acrylic paint should be used to paint the smaller stars. Attach the stars with wood glue. 
  5. Take two scraps of 1×2-inch wood per star sculpture and cut them into three-inch pieces. Painting is optional. 
  6. The star sculptures should be glued to the woodblocks for use as a stand.

Adding three or four layers of corrugated cardboard in the middle will make it look thicker. Use a long strip of cardstock cut to the thickness of your star sculpture. To cover the corrugated cardboard in between the cardstock stars, glue this strip around the star.  


The iconic Mason jar can be used as a charming table decoration without a jar. If you want to make 3D table decor like this and other projects we tried on this list, cardboard and kraft cardstock is your best option. 

Add a patriotic touch to your farmhouse kitchen with several of these mason jars. You will surely be transported back to the prairie days of our ancestors while enjoying its charm. 


  1. Using the mason jar template, cut out the jars. Use the outline of your mason jar if you cannot find one. Freehand drawing is also an option. 
  2. The kraft cardstock can be used to cut out two mason jar shapes, and the cardboard box can be used to cut out 4-5. From the cardstock, cut out a heart and star. 
  3. By gluing together the cardboard and cardstock cutouts, the cardboard pieces will be sandwiched between the cardstock pieces.
  4. Blue acrylic paint should be used to paint the jar’s body. Use a correction pen to add polka dots or stars.
  5. The heart cutout should be painted with white acrylic and the star cutout with red acrylic. It should then be glued to the mason jar once it has dried. 
  6. Gingham cloth should be cut out and glued to the jar cover. Tie a hemp rope bow around it and wrap a hemp cloth around it. 

Make each mason jar unique by making different sizes and adding extra embellishments. Sequins & spangles and foam sheets can also be used for the decorations. Alternatively, you can add die-cuts or emboss your designs.


You can do this patriotic shadow box project to add some patriotic flair to your living room decor. It is also a fun project for teens!


  1. White matte paint should be sprayed on your shadowbox. 
  2. In the meantime, prepare the image you wish to frame while the paint dries. Make sure that the printed cardstock fits in the shadow box by cutting it out.
  3. Apply red acrylic paint to white cardstock and write “USA”. 
  4. Using a 1 to 3-4 inch border around the letters, cut the word “USA.”. Using an adhesive foam mount, tape it to the larger cardstock you cut earlier. 
  5. White cardstock can be used to cut out a blue star. 
  6. Once the cardstock is glued into the shadow box, glue on the star and the bow. 

Use red embossing powder to emboss the word “USA” if you have an embossing toolkit. On the white cardstock, write “USA” with a clear embossing pen. After shaking off the excess, sprinkle red embossing powder over it. Use a heat gun to melt the powder.



  1. Dab the embossing ink dabber over a focal point on your poster.
  2. On the area you have embossed with embossing ink, apply clear embossing powder. Brush excess powder around the design with a thin paintbrush after shaking off any excess powder. 
  3. Activate the embossing powder with an embossing gun.
  4. Using a 300 grit sanding block, sand your wood block. Make sure all dust is removed before applying the wood finishing.
  5. Wood glue should be used to attach the frame to the stained block. The excess adhesive should be wiped off.
  6. Put a double-sided adhesive on the back of your poster and remove the glass from the frame.



  1. Take a precision knife and cut off 1 12 inches of the upper end of the chipboard. Cut two of them.
  2. Using a light-colored, all-occasion wrapper for one board and a Memorial Day wrapper for the other. Punctuate the door tags with a hole.
  3. Painting the ‘God Bless the USA’ letters with acrylic paint will be required. The colour of one tag should contrast well with the all-occasion wrapping paper. 
  4. With all-occasion wrapping, glue the wooden letters to the door tag.
  5. Using burlap ribbon and several pieces of fabric, make a messy bow. 
  6. Place the Memorial Day tag over the door tag with the message. 
  7. Once the messy bow is attached to the top of the door tag, add another length of rope for the hanger.


Paper craft for Memorial Day for adults can be hard to please, so how can you please them? It’s easy! Create something beautiful and practical that will make your customers smile every time they see it. Keeping these ideas in mind, here are some useful and lovely paper crafts you can make.  


The bowls cannot be used to serve food, but they can be used to display paper napkins, silverware, or even individually wrapped candies, chocolates, and other treats for your Memorial Day buffet.


  1. Use saran wrap to cover the bowl or planter.
  2. Make 1-inch strips from old newspaper and set aside.
  3. 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water should be mixed together. Mix until the batter consistency is achieved by removing all lumps.
  4. Drape the newspaper strips over the upside-down bowl after dipping them into the flour mixture. Continue adding layers until you reach the desired thickness. Allow to dry overnight.
  5. Once the newspaper strips are dry, wedge a blunt butter knife between the bowl and the strips. Cut off the irregular edges of the papier-maché.
  6. Make 1-inch strips of your wrapping paper. 
  7. Brush Mod Podge on the inside of the bowl after placing Mod Podge into a bowl. 
  8. Start from the inside and wrap up from the outside. 
  9. Wrapping paper should be brushed over the Mod Podge once the papier-mache has been covered. Sealing the paper with Mod Podge prevents it from fraying.


This wreath made from crepe paper roses can be made from a burnt pizza pan. Make a paper craft for Memorial Day with this practical and straightforward method. If you do not want roses on your pizza pan wreath, you can also check our tutorial on paper flowers.

You need to prepare the pan

  1. Remove any excess cardstock from the pizza pan and cover it with white cardstock. 
  2. Spray metallic silver paint on the metal stars.  
  3. On the pizza pan, place the decal in the centre. Your message can also be embossed. 

Roses should be made 

  1. Take a 36-cm piece of crepe paper from the roll.
  2. About 12 inches of the crepe paper should be folded along the long side. 
  3. Crepe paper should be folded into a small triangle at the right-hand corner.
  4. Keep the right thumb underneath the newest fold of the triangular fold. 
  5. Move your right thumb towards the back of the crepe paper as you twist. 
  6. Keep folding and twisting the crepe paper until you’ve done it all.
  7. Keep the crepe paper slack as you roll it to form the rose. Ties the crepe paper together. Wrap the floral wire around the base of the flower. 
  8. Four blue roses, seven red roses, and six white roses should be made.  

Put together the wreath

  1. Begin by glueing four blue roses, then alternate red and white roses until you reach the blue roses. 
  2. Top the blue roses with the stars. 
  3. Put E6000 glue on the back of the shower ring and attach it to the pizza pan. 


Alternatively, you can string them on your porch or mantel. After cutting the construction paper into strips, you can also do this craft with younger children. Make it more fancy by adding fairy lights.


  1. Your construction paper should be cut into 12-inch strips of red, white, and blue. If you’d like bigger balls, you can cut strips of 34″ long. 
  2. With five strips, weave them alternately into other strips to form a star that is able to hold itself when you release it. Ensure the strips are tightly woven into the center. 
  3. Add a craft clip to each point of the weave, then pull the two strips apart to create a cup.
  4. Pull one end of each strip into the ring, then make another ring with another construction paper strip. 
  5. Glue the opposing ends of the strips together and weave them into the ball. 
  6. Alternate the colors of the balls on a length of hemp rope. For additional effect, you can position one light inside the ball to add fairy lights. 
  7. Put craft clips on the balls to secure them over the fairy lights. 


You can easily and fun make a cardboard Uncle Sam door hanger to greet your guests. You shouldn’t be intimidated by the instructions since they are much simpler than they appear. It is even possible to freehand it as you go and create your own door hanger variations. 

Put on a smile

  1. Create two circles on cardboard and one circle on kraft cardstock by tracing a 9-inch plate. Adhere the cardboard to the cardstock and then glue it together. Make a semicircle for the face by cutting about 1 12 inch off the circle. Apply cream acrylic paint to the cardstock.  
  2. The cheeks should be painted pink with a dry brush. 

Create the hat

  1. Create two rectangles from cardboard and a 2×12-inch rectangle from kraft cardstock. Join the cardboard and cardstock together. Use white acrylic paint to paint the brim of the hat.
  2. From the cardstock, cut a 7×7-inch square, and from the cardboard, cut two squares. Attach the squares together with glue. Your crown is now complete. 
  3. You will need four 1×6-inch rectangles of red glitter paper, three 1-inch rectangles of white glitter paper, and a 1/2×7-inch rectangle of blue glitter paper. 
  4. This is how you should glue the glitter paper. For vertical stripes, measure 1 inch from the lower edge of the square, glue the blue strip horizontally, and alternate the red and white rectangles. For the crown, round the edges of the rectangles. 
  5. Leave the blue strip visible when sticking the brim to the crown. Adhere three metallic silver stars painted with spray paint.

You need to grow a mustache and a beard

  1. A 6-inch piece of cardboard was wound 20 times with white yarn. Unwind the yarn from the cardboard. Create four more of the same length. 
  2. The yarn should be wound 15 times around three-inch cardboard for the moustache. The yarn should be tied off after wrapping the cardboard 15 times around it. Repeat this step twice.   
  3. To shape the moustache easily, tie a piece of yarn near the tip of the moustache. 

Let’s finish the face 

  1. Apply hot glue to the face to hold the beard and mustache in place. Be sure that the arrangement does not resemble Sta. Claus. Remove the mustache. 
  2. Paint black circles about 1 1 4 inches below the brim of the hat for the eyes.
  3. Glue on a jelly bean-shaped eyebrow from white cardstock, raising it slightly from the rest of the face with a small piece of foam. 


  1. Attach some artificial greens on the left side of the hat’s brim with a small piece of foam. 
  2. Use blue glitter paper to make ten stars. Glue two stars together, sandwich them with a barbeque stick, then cut them out. Repeat this five times. 
  3. Where the fake greens are, stick the stars into the foam. Make the stars longer or shorter by cutting some of the skewers.
  4. The back of the face should be covered with a 2×12 cardboard, with some of it visible through the beard. The cardboard must be covered with more glue so that the beard adheres to it. 
  5. Use blue glitter paper for the bow and red glitter paper for the ribbons. Glue them to the cardboard beneath the beard. 
  6. Hang the door hanger with a rope behind the hat.


You can decorate your side table or kitchen counter with this artsy but inexpensive Memorial Day craft with pompoms. Make this arrangement your dinner table centerpiece by replacing the terracotta planter with a lovely vase.

Roses should be made

  1. The white roses should be 2 12 x 3 inches and the blue roses should be 2×2 12 inches in size. Cut off the corners of these petals and taper the lower edge of the petals to shape them into teardrop shapes.
  2. Give the petals a cupped look by stretching their centers a bit. Give it a slightly ruffled appearance by stretching the upper edge of the petals.
  3. Curl one white petal tightly around the stem of a flower. Then add more petals, lessening their tightness as you go. You should have at least eight or nine petals per flower.
  4. Wrap the floral tape around the base of the flower and tie it with floral wire.
  5. The blue roses can be prepared in the same manner. Double the number of white roses.

To make tissue pompoms, follow these steps:

  1. Create strips of tissue paper with red, blue, and white colors. Cut the strips into five inch lengths. 
  2. Collect a few strips. With a piece of floral wire, fold them in half and tie them around the stem. The rest of the stem and the base of the pompom should be covered with floral wire.  

Arrangement of flowers

  1. Sand should be poured into the terracotta pot. 
  2. Then stuff blue and white pompoms between the white roses and stick them into the sand. 
  3. Make your arrangement more eye-catching by adding some baby’s breath flowers. 
  4. A burlap ribbon can be used to embellish the pot. 

The pompoms should be removed after the celebration, but the rest of the arrangement should be kept. Maintaining current with the times is an efficient way without spending too much. You can simply add pompoms to the arrangement to create a patriotic-themed arrangement for the 4th of July.


Are you looking for practical and beautiful papercraft for Memorial Day souvenirs? This tutorial shows you how to turn paper beads into key fobs, key holders, bag charms, or even jewellery. Paper strips should be at least 30 inches long for this paper bead, and the paper should be large format.  

Strip the paper 

  1. Using the bead roller of the chosen hole width, wind four strips of construction paper to make a test bead. Decide how long the paper strips should be by measuring the diameter and length of the bead.
  2. Depending on the size you need, cut your strips. Make sure the paper beads are at least one inch wide. 
  3. You will need four construction paper pieces (red, blue, and white). Measure your construction paper according to the dimensions set with your text bead.
  4. For a rounded bead, make an isosceles triangle. You can make a teardrop-shaped bead by making a thin right triangle.   
  5. Make a 4-layered bead by choosing the colour you should use twice. Choose a colour, then place it on the table, followed by white, another colour, and red. 

Beads rolled

  1. In order to start rolling, push the other triangles at least 3/16-inch away from the edge of each triangle. Roll the triangle tightly by inserting the large end into the bead roller.
  2. Glue the ends of the triangle as you go when you’re close to the end. 

Beads should be glazed and assembled

  1. Using hardening glaze, coat the paper bead three times to make it hard and prevent moisture damage. Allow each coat to dry for one hour before assembling. 
  2. Put tacky glue on the bead caps to complete the bead. Allow to dry. Remove excess glue and allow to dry. 

Put the key fob together

  1. Beading wire should be cut and passed through the holes on the beading guard. By doing this, your beading wire will be protected from premature wear and tear.
  2. Attach the wire guardian to the keychain hook. To secure one end of the beading wire, crimp both ends together. Trim the short end of the wire.
  3. Beads, paper beads, glass beads, spacer beads, crimps, and six 4-inch thin chains make up the tassel. 
  4. The beading wire should now be turned around and inserted back into the crimp, spacer bead, glass bead, and paper bead. Pull the wire tightly to keep everything together. Trim away any excess wire.

If you already have clear embossing powder in your supplies, you can use it as a custom glaze. 

Make a template from a chipboard if you cannot find a large piece of construction paper. Allow for overlaps when you mark your template. Make strips of 9×12-inch construction paper and glue them together. After they have dried, you can use them.



  1. White matte paint should be applied to the wooden base.
  2. To give your board an antique look, rub it with a dye stamp. 
  3. A bowl or other circular object can be used to outline the wreath.
  4. From any of the colors you have, cut approximately 12 inches of crepe paper. You can then glue the rose to the board.
  5. Around the wreath outline, add a cluster of 10-15 blue roses, followed by 6-7 red roses and 6-7 white roses. In order for the blue cluster to look like stars, add more miniature white roses. 
  6. Any patriotic word can be written under the wreath if you’re using a solid base and a metallic gold Prismacolor pen. Calligraphy or decals can also be used. 


Create fake firecrackers from your tissue paper rolls. Display them on your kitchen corner or side table covered with tissue paper. Make your display more authentic by using other items, such as this vintage truck planter.


  1. This paper craft requires six pieces of toilet paper rolls. One tissue paper roll should be cut in half while another should be cut in three-quarters. 
  2. Tape together two toilet paper rolls. By taping the half and three-quarters of the paper roll together, you will have three firecrackers that have different lengths.
  3. On a piece of cardboard, draw six circles. On either end of the toilet paper roll, glue the circles. 
  4. Use patterned tissue paper to wrap the toilet paper rolls, one design per firecracker. 
  5. The hemp rope should be knotted at one end and cut about an inch from the knot. Knot the knot end on top of the firecracker. Glue the other end of the firecracker to the knot end. Repeat with the other two firecrackers.
  6. Tie a hemp rope around the three firecrackers after gluing them together. 



Would you like to learn how to make paper crafts for Memorial Day that you can sell to support your local war heroes? Perhaps you’re just itching for something you can give to family and friends. Making it is fairly straightforward.

Preparation of the paper strips

  1. With your bead roller, wind a small piece of construction paper to make a test bead. Use a calliper to measure the diameter of the bead, and mark the length of your strips on the paper.
  2. Your red, white, and blue construction paper should be cut into strips of 38.5 inches. According to the width of the bracelet you want to make, you can adjust the width of the strips. 

Make a paper bead roll

  1. Use your paper bead roller to roll your paper beads. Be sure to wind it tightly to prevent your beads from unraveling. 
  2. The end of the strip can be glued with the needle-tip glue bottle. Transfer the beads to a bamboo toothpick after removing from the bead roller. Dry the beads using a sponge block.

Beads should be glazed

  1. Melt some clear, thick embossing powder (UTEE) in an aluminum foil bowl and pour it into a bowl of hardening glaze. 
  2. Take the toothpick with dried beads out of the sponge block.
  3. Use a small paintbrush to apply the glaze. Reapply the glaze after the toothpick has dried. After the glaze has dried for 30 minutes, apply 2-3 coats. After the final glaze coat is applied, let the piece dry for 4 hours.

Put together the bracelet 

  1. Using the leather cord, cut two lengths. Multiply the bracelet length by four for the final length. You would cut 28 inches of cord if you wanted to make a bracelet that was 7 inches long. 
  2. Tying a knot one inch from the cord’s end, measure one inch from the cord’s end. Make another knot one inch from the first.
  3. Using one bead, thread both cords into the bead, then pull them out on opposite sides. Repeat this process with another bead until you reach the desired length. Maintain a taut cord so your bracelet does not sag. Since your leather cord is 2 inches long, you should only use 5 inches of beads to make a 7-inch bracelet. 
  4. Tie a knot after pulling the cord tight. Add another knot after measuring an inch out.

Sponge painting is a great way to make patterned beads. Lie down a sheet of construction paper on a flat surface. Paint a small piece of foam lightly with acrylic paint and dab it on the paper. After it has dried, cut it as normal. Paint red and blue on a piece of white paper, and paint white on a piece of blue and red paper.



What person can resist comfortable flip-flops when the weather is so pleasant? Let us decorate our porches and backyards with this summer and beach staple for Memorial Day. Use hemp rope to string smaller versions of this for a gorgeous garland to hang anywhere. 


  1. On a kraft cardstock, draw a flip-flop outline. Glue the flip-flop outlines to make two flip-flops by making 2-3 of these per flip flop so it has more body. 
  2. Put brown acrylic paint on the flip-flop straps.
  3. The first flip flop is painted with navy blue acrylic paint, and the second flip flop is painted with red and white stripes. Avoid getting paint on the straps. 
  4. The navy blue slippers should be decorated with star stickers.
  5. Hemp rope can be used to make two bows. Use one bow for each pair of flip-flops. The hemp rope bow should be topped with a flat-backed bead or pearl.
  6. One flip-flop should be higher than the other. They should be glued together.
  7. Each flip flop needs a hole punched in it, and a hemp rope inserted. Secure the ends of the rope. 

Make your outlines smaller, about 4×6 inches each, if you want to make a banner out of this flip-flop design. Use solid colors to paint them, then string them with hemp rope in an alternating pattern of blue, red, and white. You can then add red tissue paper pompoms every 15 flip-flops. 

Alternatively, you can tie the ends of 5 flip-flop banners together at one point and at the opposite point. Make the point of convergence even more festive by hanging an extra-large blue, red, and white pompom.  


How would you rate the best Memorial Day papercraft? We think it should be easy to make, but it should also be practical. The idea behind crafting and upcycling is to create something new out of something ordinary. 

It is our sincere hope that you enjoyed doing some of these crafts and discovered something interesting. Feel free to share any Memorial Day artwork you have in the comments below.

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